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Have a student in your district and are unsure if a referral to an educational audiologist is the next step?

Reach out to us at to talk with one of our educational audiologists.  You can also request a quote or request a consultation right here via our website.

There are no contracts needed on our end, we charge an hourly rate of $150 for our services and offer equipment at a discounted rate to our school districts. 

We now offer remote consultations, which greatly reduces the cost for school.  This virtual way of connecting allows us to reduce the amount of time billed to school districts by taking out time needed for travel & checking into schools.  Teachers or staff who have a scheduled meeting will log into our virtual waiting room HERE at the time of their meeting, and the sessions can hold up to 10 attendees from the child’s care team if needed.

Download our referral checklist to make sure you have all of the necessary documents with your referral.

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As a parent of a child with hearing loss or auditory processing disorder, you have to be their biggest advocate. It is important to inform yourself on your child’s rights and the appropriate personnel involved in your child’s care.