Keystone Classroom Protocol

Although we individualize services to each student, we find that the minimum services a student with hearing loss and auditory processing disorder should have include:

To learn more about all of our services available, visit our services page.

When a new student enters the district, we follow our new student onboarding process, which is a 5-step process. (** Indicates this step is only needed if the audiologist has recommended a trial with H.A.T.):

  1. Referral (from special education department)
  2. Individualized needs assessment and consultation
  3. Family and school consent**
  4. Validation period**
  5. Accommodations Review

To learn more in depth about each of these 5 steps, visit our page on onboarding a new student.

Children In Modern Classroom

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As a parent of a child with hearing loss or auditory processing disorder, you have to be their biggest advocate. It is important to inform yourself on your child’s rights and the appropriate personnel involved in your child’s care.