New Student Referral Process

Keystone Classroom follows a 5-step process to onboarding newly identified students in your district.

** Indicates this step is only needed if the audiologist has recommended a trial with H.A.T.


Each referral will come from the district’s special education department and must include the same information, which can be found on our referral checklist. Once the referral is received by Keystone Classroom, we will schedule an on-site observation.


The educational audiologist will review all diagnostic reports before heading out to the school to observe the student in their classroom setting and discuss any specific challenges that the student or teacher have been facing.


The audiologist will create a customized video reviewing the student’s hearing loss or auditory processing disorder and how it impacts them in the classroom. This video will help your educational team better understand the diagnostic report and how they can help accommodate the student in the classroom. The video will be accompanied by a written report including teaching strategies, acoustic modifications, and hearing assistive technology (HAT) recommendations for this student, based on their audiologist test results, subjective reports by student and teacher, and what the audiologist has observed in the classroom.


If HAT is recommended for the student, the audiologist will fit the student with the equipment and perform a functional listening evaluation (FLE), if the student is age appropriate. The purpose of the FLE is to determine how listening abilities are affected by noise, distance, and visual access in the classroom. It also shows how the student will benefit from use of HAT, as a measure of validation.


Once the HAT has been validated and is shown to benefit the student in the classroom, there will be a two-week trial to confirm that the equipment is also practical for the student. Following the two-week trial, the audiologist and school staff member will meet virtually to review how things are going. The audiologist will write a summary report including the results of the FLE and trial period for the team’s review.

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